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The "Join #WASHU#" Program

If you are a #WASHU# member, and would like to display the "Join #WASHU#" button on your homepage, simply copy and paste one of the following HTML codes into your page..

Important: Don't try to type the code in yourself, but use the COPY and PASTE features of your browser & HTML editor, so that every single character matches, or else you might get error messages!!

[Join #WASHU#]

The full animated GIF version (13k):

[Join #WASHU#]

If you want a smaller file, you can try this one, which is basically just a slide show of different Washuu images (4k):

[Join #WASHU#]

If you don't want to display the animated GIF version, you can use this (2k):

The above codes will bring the visitor to a special page where one can choose to go to The Official #WASHU# Page, or this, The Un-Official #WASHU# Page. If you would like to create your own page that describes #WASHU#, you can change the code so that it goes to your own page, but please let me know the URL of your page, as well.. That way your site can be added to the "special" page as well.

You may also save the button onto your own web server and change the HTML code accordingly; this obviously benefits my web server in that it wouldn't have to take as heavy a load, and it benefits you in that you wouldn't have to worry about any of my web server's down times ^_^;

Get Firefox! ©1996-2000 #WASHU#, Washuu's Academy of Science and Higher Understanding. Tenchi Muyo! and all its characters are copyright AIC and Pioneer LDC, used with permission. Special thanks to Achan and Yagami.
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Dr. Briefs is also a member of #SAS#, The Sasami Appreciation Society.
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