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#WASHU# News (October 24, 1997)

Here's the latest about what's going on with #WASHU#:

  • As the popularity of ICQ grows, many #WASHU# members have also joined ICQ, and since it's a pretty easy way of communicating through the internet, there's now a list of #WASHU# members who are also on ICQ. This list is being maintained by Mark Clifton, so if you're a #WASHU# member, and have joined ICQ, you can e-mail him with your ICQ information.
  • Will we ever have #WASHU# Club Newsletter? If you have any ideas for it, be sure to post it to the ML!
  • The Official #WASHU# Page has been established at a new location. However, the URL will not be made public at this time, as it is in the process of being updated.

  • Get Firefox! ©1996-2000 #WASHU#, Washuu's Academy of Science and Higher Understanding. Tenchi Muyo! and all its characters are copyright AIC and Pioneer LDC, used with permission. Special thanks to Achan and Yagami.
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