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Who's Sasami?

Full Name: Masaki Sasami Jurai
Age: 8 Years (Plus 700 years in suspended animation)
Height: 123 cm (4'")
Blood-type: Type O
Hobbies: Cooking, Playing with Ryo-ohki

As you can tell from the stats listed, Sasami is a person (in case you didn't know before). For those of you who can see the graphics, Sasami is the girl whose picture is plastered all over this page (^_^)

Okay, so now you know her stats and what she looks like.. but what is she really like? Why are there so many people who appreciate her enough to form this Appreciation Society? And just what is Ryo-ohki?

If you're asking these questions, then it's safe for me to bet that you've not seen much of an anime series called Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki. I highly recommend for you to check it out. I would like to tell you more about Sasami, but I don't want to give too much away, so you'll only find some of the more basic information about her here. At any rate, I hope this will be a fun read for you ^_^;;

Sasami is the second princess of the planet Jurai, her mother is the Second Queen, Misaki, and her father is King Azusa. Sasami has an older sister, Aeka, and an older half-brother, Youshou.

[Image: Sasami cooking]

About 700 years ago, Youshou's whereabouts became unknown after he left Jurai in pursuit of the Space Pirate, Ryouko. Aeka grew worried and left Jurai in search of him. Sasami thought it might be fun to tag along with her sister, so she stow away on her ship. For 700 years, the majority of the ship was under suspended animation, until a signal for Ryouko was detected on earth, and after a chain of events, the ship crash-landed on earth, leaving Sasami and Aeka stranded on this colonized planet of Jurai.

Fortunately, things aren't so boring here on earth, as the princesses have run into Tenchi, a descendent of Youshou; Sasami has also become friends with Ryouko, as well as Ryouko's spaceship, Ryo-ohki, who's usually in cabbit (cat-rabbit) form.

From what we've seen of her, Sasami proves to be a very kind and caring person, displaying a great amount of maturity not found in typical girls of her age, yet almost as innocent as a tiny toddler (she can be somewhat mischievious at times). Plus, she is a wonderful cook.

[Image: Tsunami]

There's also more to this cute little girl than meets the eye...

Sasami is somehow linked to Tsunami (it is explained in the series, but I don't want to spoil it for those who've not seen it), who is the most powerful spaceship in the universe, the "Ship of Origin," and one of Tokimi's sisters (Tokimi is a goddess).

Oh, by the way, Sasami will grow up to look just like Tsunami... I think that's all I'll say for now, wouldn't want to give away too much ;p

[Image: Sasami]

If you'd like to watch the series for yourself, I suggest going to this site (Note: This link will only show you the OVA series, the movie, and the Pretty Sammy spin-off series; there are other series available, of different continuities, if you'd like to see what they are, use the search engine near the bottom of this page).

What's #SAS#?

(As if the title of this page didn't already tip you off) #SAS# stands for "The Sasami Appreciation Society," it was founded by Lawrence Eng and Ken Stone. Why do so many people like her so much? I can't really tell you.. 'cause we all have our own reasons, though I'm sure some of them include the things exaplained just above.

"So, what's the purpose of #SAS#?" you might ask. It's simple--we just want to help spread and promote Sasami fandome, and to unite all Sasami fans. Sure, you could try to do this without #SAS#, but isn't it more fun this way? <g>

#SAS# became the first of many anime-character-appreciation-societies, which proves just how popular it is. To find out more about how it was started, visit the #SAS# page at the Sasami Shrine and Lawrence Eng's Introduction to #SAS#, written back in July 1996, when we had around 30 members; now we have hundreds of members, if not thousands ^_^

How Do I Join?

Currently, there are two forums available for #SAS#:

  1. The Mailing List Suspended Indefinitely Re-launched 4/21/2000 (After the first three versions died)
    Reasons below.
  2. #SAS# Yahoo! Group Launched 8/7/2000
    There's an option to join at the top right-corner of the Yahoo! Group page.

Originally, joining #SAS# required that you send a request to Lawrence Eng and listing some reasons why you like Sasami. However, this eventually changed as things got busier. Below is an explanation from Lawrence...

Over the years, the number of people wanting to join the #SAS# has increased tremendously, and while I tried my best to personally welcome as many people into the "club" as possible, due to time constraints (and a huge e-mail backlog), I've been unable to reply to many (or even most) of you. In response to this situation, I hereby declare that any person who wishes to call him or herself part of the Sasami Appreciation Society is welcome to do so, simply by putting "Member of the #SAS#" on their e-mail, Usenet posts, web pages, etc. My only request is that anyone who does so respects Sasami/Tsunami and does his/her best to promote all that is good about her. I apologize for all the unanswered e-mail and I wish I had the opportunity to talk to more of you. Anyone who ever requested they be part of the #SAS#, I heartily (though belately) welcome you now. Anyone who wishes to become part of this organization (that started the trend of #___# fan groups) welcome aboard!

I'd like to take this time to thank all the older members of the #SAS# as well as all those who have proudly displayed their unwavering dedication over the years. Considering our initial purpose in 1995, which was to spread Sasami fandom as far as we could by showing people it was okay to express their love for a "created" character, I think we've done our job and even influenced how others have come to perceive anime characters in general. It's been fun so far, and with more and more Sasami stuff coming out, it's only going to get better.

Special thanks to Derek "Lanzer" Liu (Sasami Shrine), Glenn "Dr. Briefs" Wang (#SAS# page), Hideki Saito (#SAS# mailing list), and Ken Stone (co-founder).

-Lawrence Eng
co-founder #SAS#


[Image: Sasami looking worried]

The #SAS# Mailing List has been disabled indefinitely. For the past several years, traffic has dwindled to a dead stop, even with slightly newer anime series involving Sasami has barely caused a blip on the ML radar.

To add insult to injury, the most recent messages sent to the ML has been spam attempts. With the lack of traffic and the cost of keeping the ML still running (I have to pay $375 a year for something that's almost never used, and still monitor the list to keep spammers out), it was simply more cost effective to not have a mailing list at all.

If you really want to get in touch with other Sasami fans, there's the #SAS# Yahoo Group, though like the ML, it hasn't seen much traffic in ages.

Other Sites

Whoa! Leaving already? Well, before you go, why not sign our petition for a new Pretty Sammy movie? If you're interested in seeing a new movie starring Sasami, sign the petition below! Or, if you want, you can take a look at the current petition list.

If you can, please enter your real name; having real names will make this petition more credible than if the names weren't real, and also shows that you're serious about seeing such a movie produced.
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