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Pre-Dragon Ball
Beginning of Series
The Red Ribbon Army
First Return of Pilaf
The 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai
Piccolo Daimaoh
The 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai
The Saiyajin/Freeza Storyline
The Artificial Humans
The Cell Game
The Great Saiyaman/Majin Archive
The Series Finale

      --Cell Game Starts--        |
      Mr. Satan fights Cell.  Cell|   A reporter and camera man films
      stands still and tolerates  |   the Cell Game.
      many punches and kicks from |
      Mr. Satan, and then wiped   |
      Mr. Satan off the stage (to |
      a nearby mountain).         |   Goku fights Cell.  Cell finds
                                  |   out Goku can teleport.
      Goku surrenders, and calls  |
      Gohan as the next fighter.  |   Goku gives Cell a senzu.
      Cell tries to get Gohan mad |
      so Gohan can be more power- |
      ful.                        |   Cell takes all the senzu from
                                  |   Kuririn.
      #16 grabs Cell and tries to |
      self-destruct, but finds out|
      that the bomb inside him was|
      disabled when Dr. Briefs    |   Cell destroys #16; #16's head
      repaired him.               |   rolls near Mr. Satan and the
                                  |   reporter.
      Cell generates seven Cell   |
      Juniors to fight with the   |   #16 asks Mr. Satan to toss him
      other fighters.             |   next to Gohan.
      #16 tries to convince Gohan |
      to use his full power; Cell |
      steps on #16's head as #16  |
      asks Gohan to protect the   |
      trees and animals (which #16|
      likes so much).             |   Gohan goes beserk, takes the
                                  |   bag of senzu from Cell, and
                                  |   kills all seven Cell Juniors.
      Gohan defeats Cell, but     |
      doesn't kill him yet because|
      he wants Cell to suffer.    |   Cell spits out #18, and is no
                                  |   longer in "Perfect" form.
      Cell sets himself to self-  |   (#18 is unconscious)
      destruct, and begins to     |
      expand like a balloon.      |   Goku says goodbye to everyone,
                                  |   tells Gohan to say sorry to
                                  |   Chichi for him, and teleports
                                  |   Cell and himself to Kaiou-sama's
      Cell explodes, destroying   |   little planetoid.
      the planetoid, Goku, Kaiou- |
      sama, and Bubbles, Kaiou-   |
      sama's pet ape.             |
      Kuririn picks up #18.       |   Kaiou-sama and Goku find out
                                  |   that Cell didn't die.
      Cell teleports back (in     |
      Perfect form) to earth, and |   Vegeta goes beserk and shoots
      kills Trunks with one blast.|   ki-blasts like crazy at Cell;
                                  |   Cell takes no damage, punches
                                  |   Vegeta to the ground, and
      Gohan tries to protect      |   throws a fireball at Vegeta.
      Vegeta, and his left arm    |
      becomes seriously injured   |
      as a result.                |   Cell prepares for a full-
                                  |   strength Kamehameha.
      Vegeta apologizes to Gohan  |
      for being a burden.         |   Gohan gives up, but gets
                                  |   encouraged by Goku (speaking
                                  |   to him through Kaiou-sama), and
                                  |   also powers up for a Kamehameha.
      Gohan's Kamehameha seems    |
      weaker than Cells; as Cell  |
      is about to go for the kill,|
      he is destracted by a ki-   |
      blast from Vegeta.          |
                                  |   Gohan finally uses his full-
      Tenshinhan picks up Trunks, |   strength, and kills Cell.
      Kuririn is still holding    |
      #18, Yamcha picks up Gohan, |
      and they head back to Kami- |
      sama's temple.              |   Piccolo offers to help Vegeta,
                                  |   who refuses.  Piccolo also heads
                                  |   for the temple.
      Vegeta leaves, saying he    |
      won't fight anymore.        |   Mr. Satan (who saw everything)
                                  |   is still confused about what
      The reporter and camera man |   happened.
      wake up, and ask Mr. Satan  |
      what happened.              |   Mr. Satan tell them that HE
                                  |   defeated Cell, and everyone left
      Dende heals everyone, #18   |   after thanking him.
      being the last one he heals.|
                                  |   Gohan figures out that Kuririn
                                  |   likes #18, and shouts it out.
      #18 flies off, mocking      |
      Kuririn.                    |   Shen Lon is summoned.
      #18 hides behind a post to  |
      see what's going on.        |   Everyone who died because of
                                  |   Cell are resurrected (except
                                  |   for the ones who've been revived
      Goku tells everyone (through|   before, lik Goku).
      Kaiou-sama) not to try and  |
      revive him, and that Kaiou- |
      sama also refused           |
      resurrection to accompany   |   Kuririn makes a wish to make #18
      Goku.                       |   and #17 normal humans; the wish
                                  |   is rejected (beyond Shen Lon's
                                  |   power), so Kuririn wishes for the
                                  |   bomb in their bodies to be de-
      Tenshinhan asks why Kuririn |   activated.
      included #17, Kuririn says  |
      #18 and #17 seem to be more |
      suited for each other (since|
      #18 doesn't seem to take    |
      interest in Kuririn).       |   #18 jumps out, saying that she
                                  |   and #17 are twins, and that she
                                  |   won't thank Kuririn for de-
                                  |   activating the bombs.  However,
                                  |   she says "See ya" instead of a
      Tenshinhan leaves, saying   |   regular "Goodbye."
      Chaozu might be worried, and|
      that they probably won't    |
      meet again.                 |   Everyone goes home, Yamcha tells
                                  |   Trunks what Vegeta did when
                                  |   Trunks got killed.
      Trunks leaves for his own   |
      time the next morning.      |
                                  |   The people renamed the city Mr.
                                  |   Satan lives at to "Satan City."
      (c. Year 766)---------------|
      Goten is born.              |
      (Unknown year)              |
      Vegeta and Bulma are        |   Kuririn and #18 are married,
      married (or at least living |   living at the Kame House, and
      together).                  |   have a daughter.
      (c. Year 770)---------------|
      -==Great Saiyaman/The Majin Archive==-
      Gohan goes to Orange Star   |
      High School in Satan City   |
      to register and pick-up info|
      twice (and foils two        |   Word spreads of a new super
      robberies).                 |   hero in Satan City.
      Gohan's first day at Orange |
      Star High School, stops     |
      another robbery on his way  |
      to school, meets Videl, Mr. |   Gohan asks Bulma to make him
      Satan's daughter in class.  |   a disguise device.
      Gohan becomes the Great     |
      Saiyaman.                   |   Gohan save Videl from a criminal
                                  |   who was about to shoot her;
                                  |   Videl figures out Gohan's
      Videl asks Gohan to teach   |   "secret identity" and forces him
      her to fly.                 |   to join the next Tenkaichi
                                  |   Budokai.
      Gohan goes to Bulma for a   |
      new disguise to use at the  |   Vegeta decides to enter the
      Budokai, since helmets are  |   Budokai; Goku decides to use his
      forbidden.                  |   one day back for it, too.
      Gohan tells Kuririn, #18,   |
      Kamesennin, Piccolo, and    |   Kuririn introduced with HAIR!!
      Dende about the Budokai;    |   Kuririn and #18's daughter, 
      Kuririn, #18, and Piccolo   |   Marron (name unknown at the
      decide to enter the Budokai |   time) is introduce.
      as well.                    |
      Gohan informs Chichi about  |
      the prize money offered for |   Gohan begins training with
      the champion of the Budokai |   Goten.  We find out both Goten
      and Chichi allows him to    |   and Trunks can turn into Super
      enter.                      |   Saiyajin.  Goten, however,
                                  |   can't fly.
      Videl shows up at Gohan's   |
      house for Gohan to teach    |   Gohan teaches Goten and Videl
      her to fly.                 |   to fly.
      Gohan suggests for Videl to |   Introduction of the South
      cut her hair (easier for    |   Kaiou-sama.
      fighting purposes); Videl   |
      cuts her hair.              |   Goten calls Trunks, saying that
                                  |   he'll enter the Budokai, too,
      Trunks begins training in   |   so Trunks decides to also enter.
      Vegeta's artificial gravity |
      room.                       |
      --25th Tenkaichi Budokai--  |
      There is now a children's   |
      tournament for those under  |   Preliminaries are now decided
      15.                         |   by punching machines--the 15
                                  |   highest scores and the champion
                                  |   from the last tournament become
      Trunks wins the children's  |   contestants for the new title
      section, and gets to fight  |   of champion.
      the adult champion from the |
      last tournament.  Mr. Satan |
      "pretends to be knocked out |
      by a kid."                  |
                                  |   Trunks and Goten get in disguise
                                  |   and join the adults' tournament.
      Goku and gang encounter     |   (As Mighty Mask)
      Kaiou-shin and Kibit.       |
                                  |   Kuririn wins the first fight.
      Piccolo forfeits to Kaiou-  |
      shin.                       |
                                  |   Supopo-bitchi beats up Videl.
      Gohan changes into Super    |
      Saiyajin at the request of  |
      Kibit and Kaiou-shin, and   |
      gets his energy sucked by   |   Kaioushin asks for Goku's help.
      Yamuu and Supopo-bitchi.    |
                                  |   Despite Vegeta's complaint, Goku
      Yamuu and Supopo-bitchi fly |   decides to help Kaiou-shin.
      off, Kaioushin follows      |
      without them knowing.       |   Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and
                                  |   Kuririn follows Kaiou-shin.
      Kibit restores Gohan's ki,  |
      both Gohan and Videl fly    |   Kaiou-shin explains the Majin
      off with him to find Kaiou- |   Buu situation to Goku & gang,
      shin and the others.        |   while Kibit explains it to Gohan
                                  |   and Videl.
      Videl realizes how incom-   |
      petent her father is.       |
                                  |   Introduction of Babidi and
                                  |   Darbura.
      Darbura kills Kibit and     |
      turns Piccolo & Kuririn to  |
      stone.                      |   Mr. Satan suggest to let all
                                  |   the contestants to fight on
      Vegeta and Goku defeat the  |   stage at once, whoever remaning
      opponents that Babidi threw |   becoming the new champion.
      at them.                    |
                                  |   #18 gets rid of Jewel (a 
      Gohan fights Darbura, but   |   contestant) while "Mighty Mask"
      can't seem to defeat him.   |   gets rid of Killer.
      Vegeta gets impatient, and  |   #18 gets Goten and Trunks dis-
      gets used by Babidi.        |   qualified, then makes a deal with
                                  |   Mr. Satan to fake defeat in
                                  |   exchange for money.
      Videl informs Trunks and    |
      Goten the situation, and    |
      they fly off to join their  |   Vegeta kills a section of the
      fathers.                    |   Budokai audience to get Goku to
                                  |   fight with him.
      Goku and Vegeta fight, and  |
      the energy of Goku's wounds,|
      in addition to the energy   |
      from Gohan, helps to release|   Vegeta sucker punches Goku
      Majin Buu.                  |   and goes off to fight Buu.
      Buu defeats Kaiou-shin and  |
      sends Gohan flying.         |   Darbura tries to kill Buu
                                  |   (knowing that it won't obey
                                  |   Babidi for long), and gets
      Piccolo and Kuririn turn    |   turned into a cookie and eaten
      back into flesh.            |   by Buu.
      Vegeta appears as Buu is    |
      about to turn Kaiou-shin    |
      into food, and sacrifices   |
      himself trying to destroy   |
      Buu.                        |   Majin Buu regenerates, as if
                                  |   nothing happened.
      Goku mentions the fusion    |
      technique.                  |   Bulma and Yamcha summon Shen
                                  |   Lon and asks for everyone who
      Goku tries to stop Yamcha   |   died today, with the exception
      and Bulma from making the   |   of the bad guys, to be revived.
      wish, but is too late.      |
                                  |   The revived Kibit finds Kaiou-
      Kaioushin and Kibit find    |   shin, and restores his power.
      Gohan, and takes him to     |
      the Kaioushin Realm.        |   Babidi introduces himself and
                                  |   Majin Buu to the rest of the
      Kibit restores Gohan's      |   world, and asks for Goten,
      strength, gives him new     |   Trunks, and Piccolo.  He
      clothing, and takes him to  |   demonstrates Buu's powers by
      the Zeta Sword at Kaiou-    |   having him turn the people of
      shin's request.             |   an entire city into candy drops,
                                  |   eating them, and then wiping out
      Gohan pulls out the Zeta    |   the entire city.
      Sword, and begins to train  |
      with it.                    |   Trunks and Goten decide to learn
                                  |   the fusion technique.
      Babidi finds out where      |
      Trunks lives, and decides to|   Goku sends Trunks to retrieve
      go there and destroy it if  |   the Dragon Radar while he tries
      Trunks doesn't show.        |   to delay Babidi (and Buu).
      Goku fights Buu as Super    |
      Saiyajin 3; he teleports    |
      back after he senses Trunks |
      going back to the tower.    |   Majin Buu kills Babidi, then
                                  |   creates more havoc on earth.
      Goku teaches Trunks and     |
      Goten the movements required|
      for fusion, then goes back  |   Majin Buu creates his own house
      to the other world.         |   from people that he turned into
                                  |   clay.
      Goku finds out that Gohan is|
      still alive, and then senses|   Goku and Gohan trains with the
      his ki, so he teleports to  |   Zeta Sword, and accidentally
      Gohan.                      |   breaks it.  An old Kaioushin 
                                  |   appears.  After Goku strikes
                                  |   a deal with him, he begins a 
                                  |   procedure to upgrade Gohan's 
      Goku decides to go take a   |   power (the ritual dance procedure
      nap.                        |   takes 5 hours, and the actual
                                  |   upgrade takes another 20).
      After two failed attempts,  |
      Trunks and Goten fuse into  |
      a power Gotenks, though he's|
      not in Super Saiyajin mode, |
      and is very arrogant.  He   |   Earth sends Mr. Satan as their
      tries to fight Buu and gets |   final line of defense against 
      his butt kicked.            |   Buu.
      Mr. Satan becomes a servant/|   Trunks and Goten fuse in SSJ
      friend to Buu.              |   mode, but flies around the earth
                                  |   in a show of his power, and
      A man and his servant starts|   wasted the available time in
      shooting unsuspecting people|   one fusion.
      from far away.              |
                                  |   Majin Buu heals a puppy, and it
      Mr. Satan offers to go buy  |   becomes Buu's pet.
      some dog food.              |
                                  |   Mr. Satan convinces Buu to not
      The man and his servant     |   kill and demolish again.
      arrive at Buu's house and   |
      shoots the puppy.           |   Mr. Satan beats up the two guys,
                                  |   and then finds that the puppy is
      The man shoots Mr. Satan in |   still barely alive.  Buu heals
      the back and runs away; Buu |   the puppy.
      heals Mr. Satan and tells   |
      him to run... and begins to |   The skinny and angry Buu kills
      emit smoke, which forms into|   the man and then fights with
      a skinny version of Buu.    |   fat Buu.  It turns fat Buu into
                                  |   chocolate and eats it, becoming
      The servant awakens, fires  |   a slim and somewhat muscular
      multiple rounds at Buu with |   Buu.
      a machine gun, and gets     |
      killed (rather MK2 like).   |   Buu notices Mr. Satan, and is
                                  |   about to kill him, too, but stops
                                  |   when he sees that it is Mr.
                                  |   Satan (indicating that Buu still
      Buu flies to Kami-sama's    |   has the memories of fat Buu).
      temple, and asks to fight   |
      the fighter Goku promised.  |   In an effort to stall for more
                                  |   time, Piccolo offers for Buu to
                                  |   kill off everyone on earth before
                                  |   fighting the promised warrior;
                                  |   Buu walks around the floating 
                                  |   temple, and then shoots out
      Piccolo asks Buu to wait for|   multiple ki-blasts, killing off
      an hour before fighting, and|   everyone on earth except for the
      sets down an hourglass.     |   people at the temple, Mr. Satan,
                                  |   and the puppy; Tenshinhan and
      Chichi screams at Buu for   |   Chaozu dodged the attack just in
      killing Gohan, and gets     |   time.
      turned into an egg and      |
      stepped on.                 |   Goten and Trunks enter the Room
                                  |   of Spirit and Time for more
      Buu gets impatient after    |   training.
      waiting for about half an   |
      hour, so Piccolo leads him  |
      around in corners slowly    |
      before going into the Room  |   Gotenks fights Buu with a series
      of Spirit and Time (so if   |   of different attacks, but doesn't
      Gotenks loses, Piccolo can  |   appear to be winning.  Piccolo
      destroy the exit, and Buu   |   destroys the exit as Gotenks
      will be trapped.            |   decides to turn into SSJ3.
      Buu breaks free of the      |
      dimension that the Room of  |
      Spirit and Time is in.      |   The hole Buu created disappears.
      Mr. Popo drops Dende off    |
      the temple.                 |
                                  |   Buu turns everyone into
      Gotenks turns into SSJ3 and |   chocolate and eats them.
      creates another hole; he and|
      Piccolo both get out.       |   Just as Gotenks is about to
                                  |   obliterate Buu, he changes back
                                  |   into a normal Saiyajin.
      Gohan shows up and beats    |
      up Majin Buu; Buu causes    |
      himself to explode and      |   Gohan and gang pick up Mr. Satan,
      disappears.                 |   the dog, and Dende.
      An hour pass, and Majin Buu |
      reappears, and challenges   |
      Gotenks.                    |
                                  |   Buu absorbs Super Gotenks and
      Vegeta is allowed his one   |   Piccolo.
      day back to the living.     |
                                  |   Old Kaioushin gives up his life
      Old Kaioushin shows Goku    |   so Goku can live again.
      the earring fusion.         |
                                  |   Goku goes back, and tosses one
                                  |   earring to Gohan, who misses it.
      Gotenks' SSJ3 fusion runs   |
      out of time, and Buu absorbs|   Goku fuses with Vegeta, forming
      Gohan.                      |   Vegeto.
      Buu tries to absorb Vegeto, |
      but Vegeto creates a small  |
      force field, and separate   |
      back into Goku and Vegeta   |
      after they drop the shield  |   Vegeta destroys his earring.
      while inside Buu.           |
      Goku and Vegeta separate    |
      Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, and |   Vegeta separates Fat Buu from
      Goten from Buu.             |   Buu.
      Goku and Vegeta escape from |
      Buu's body with Piccolo,    |
      Gohan, Trunks, and Goten.   |   Buu reverts back to his true
                                  |   original form (as Kaioushin
      Buu tries to blow up the    |   explains).
      entire planet, Goku barely  |
      has enough time to pick up  |
      Mr. Satan, Dende, and the   |
      dog before they (and Vegeta)|
      teleport to Kaioushin realm |   Buu learns Kaioushin's teleport
      with Kaioushin.             |   and appears in the Kaioushi realm.
      Goku tries to fight Buu in  |
      SSJ3 form.                  |   Vegeta tries to keep Buu busy
                                  |   as Goku tries to power-up to
      Buu tries to hit Mr. Satan, |   full SSJ3 to defeat Buu.
      but stops abruptly, and     |
      spits out Fat Buu, who      |
      fights with Buu for picking |
      on Mr. Satan.               |   Goku drops out of SSJ form.
      Vegeta gets the Namek DBs to|
      restore the earth, and      |
      revive everyone who died    |
      since Babidi's arrival (with|
      the exception of the bad    |   Goku tries to gather ki for
      guys).                      |   a super Genki-dama, with the
                                  |   help of the people of earth;
                                  |   but pleas from Vegeta and Goku
      Mr. Satan convinces the     |   aren't enough (even though the
      people of earth to give Goku|   Namek people all gave part of
      a part of their ki.         |   their ki to Goku).
      Goku throws the Genki-dama, |
      but has a hard time main-   |
      taining it; Dende wishes to |
      Puronga to restore Goku's   |
      strength.                   |   Buu is destroyed.
      Enmadaiou reincarnates Buu  |
      as Ubuu, according to Goku's|
      wish, to have Buu's power,  |
      but be a good guy.          |
                                  |---(Year unknown)
                                  |   Gohan marries Videl..  they have
                                  |   a daughter named Pan.
                                  |   Vegeta and Bulma get a daughter
                                  |   named Bra.
      (c. Year 780)---------------|
      Goku finds out that Ubuu is |
      entering the tournament, and|
      decides to join.            |   Goku decides to train Ubuu.
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