Section 2

Due to the long size of the timeline, it has been divided into three major sections with these sub-sections.

Pre-Dragon Ball
Beginning of Series
The Red Ribbon Army
First Return of Pilaf
The 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai
Piccolo Daimaoh
The 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai
The Saiyajin/Freeza Storyline
The Artificial Humans
The Cell Game
The Great Saiyaman/Majin Archive
The Series Finale

      (c. Year 758)---------------|
      -==SAIYAJIN==-              |
      Raditz arrive on earth and  |
      encounters Piccolo.         |   Goku, Bulma, Kuririn, and
                                  |   Kamesennin gather at the Kame
                                  |   House.  Goku introduces his
                                  |   son, Son Gohan.
      Raditz shows up at the Kame |
      House, and kidnaps Gohan to |   Piccolo and Goku team up to
      force Goku into helping him.|   fight Raditz.
      Goku sacrifices himself so  |
      that Piccolo can kill Raditz|   Vegeta and Nappa head for
                                  |   earth.
      Kami-sama takes Goku to     |
      train in the other world.   |   Piccolo takes Gohan to
      (Goku tries to reach Kaiou- |   training.
      sama, and train under him)  |
                                  |   Goku starts running on the
      Gohan turns into a were-    |   snake path (to reach Kaiou-
      monkey; Piccolo destroys    |   sama).
      the moon and takes off      |
      Gohan's tail.               |   Bulma successfully converts
                                  |   the Scouter to earth language.
      Chichi finds out of Goku and|
      Gohan's conditions.         |   Yamcha, Kuririn, Tenshinhan,
                                  |   Choazu, and Yajirobe begin to
                                  |   train under Kami-sama.
      Goku reaches the end of the |
      snake path, gets on Kaiou's |
      little planetoid, and starts|
      training.                   |
                                  |   Goku contacts Kamesennin via
                                  |   Kaiou-sama, a wish is made to
                                  |   ShenLon to revive Goku.
                                  |   Goku's halo disappears, and he
                                  |   begins running back on the 
      Vegeta and Nappa reach earth|   Snake Path.
      and destroys the East City. |
                                  |   Vegeta and Nappa finds Gohan
      Kuririn, Yamcha, Tenshinhan |   and Piccolo.  Nappa plants the
      and Chaozu arrive.          |   cybermen.
      Tenshinhan defeats a cyber- |
      man.  The same cyberman is  |
      killed by Vegeta.           |   Yamcha gets killed by a 
                                  |   cyberman.
      Kuririn kills 3 more cyber- |
      men, the last is killed by  |
      Piccolo.                    |   Chaozu and Tenshinhan die
                                  |   while fighting Nappa.
      Vegeta decides to wait 3    |
      hours for Goku to arrive.   |   3 hours pass, Nappa begins to
                                  |   fight Piccolo, Gohan and
                                  |   Kuririn.
      Kuririn uses Kienzan against|   Goku comes back to earth.
      Nappa.                      |
                                  |   Piccolo dies protecting Gohan.
      Goku defeats Nappa.         |
                                  |   Nappa is killed by Vegeta.
      Goku and Vegeta begins to   |
      fight.                      |
                                  |   Vegeta explains how a Saiyajin
                                  |   can turn into giant were-
                                  |   monkeys, and creates an 
                                  |   artificial moon.
      Goku begins to gather ki for|
      Genki-dama.                 |   Gohan and Kuririn goes back to
                                  |   help Goku.
      Yajirobe (who's been hiding |
      nearby, watching) cuts off  |   Goku gives the partial Genki-
      Vegeta's tail.              |   dama to Kuririn.
      Gohan volleyballs the Genki-|
      dama to hit Vegeta.         |   Gohan turns into a were-
                                  |   monkey.
      Vegeta retreats.            |
                                  |   Goku, Gohan, and Kuririn
                                  |   hospitalized.
      Kami-sama's past explained, |
      spaceship found.            |
                                  |   Kami-sama's spaceship is
                                  |   modified, Bulma, Kuririn, and
      Vegeta arrives at Freeza's  |   Gohan leave for Namek.
      planet #79 (18 days after   |
      his retreat).               |   After his wounds are healed,
                                  |   Vegeta finds out Freeza is
                                  |   already looking for Namek's
                                  |   Dragon Balls, and takes off
                                  |   for Namek.
      Bulma, Kuririn, and Gohan   |   Dr. Briefs begins modifying
      reach Namek.                |   Goku's space capsule.
                                  |   Bulma's spaceship gets disabled
                                  |   by Freeza's henchmen.
      Vegeta kills Kyuii (one of  |
      Freeza's henchmen who was   |
      about as strong as Vegeta   |   Goku gets healed by the new
      before he went to earth)    |   batch of senzu.
      Goku takes off for Namek.   |   Gohan and Kuririn saves Dende
                                  |   and escapes from Dodoria.
      Vegeta fights Dodoria, in   |
      an effort to escape, Dodoria|
      tells Vegeta how Freeza     |
      destroyed planet Vegeta.    |   Vegeta kills Dodoria.
      Vegeta destroys a Namek     |
      village and hides the 4-star|   Freeza acquires 5 dragon balls
      DB.                         |   (2, 3, 5, 6, & 7-stars).
      Dende takes Kuririn to      |
      Saichourou (Grand Chief?).  |   Piccolo, Yamchu, Tenshinhan and
                                  |   chaozu reach Kaiou-sama.
      Goku begins training under  |
      50 G.                       |   Vegeta fights Zarbon.  Zarbon
                                  |   transforms and defeats Vegeta;
      Kuririn takes Dende to fly  |   Zarbon assumed Vegeta has died
      at top speed, trying to     |   but doesn't recover Vegeta's
      reach Saichourou.           |   body.
      Freeza orders Zarbon to get |
      Vegeta alive, to find out   |
      where he hid the Dragonball.|   Zarbon finds Vegeta crawling,
                                  |   and takes him to a healing tank.
      Kuririn and Dende reach     |
      Saichourou.  Nail introduced|   Saichourou finds out about
                                  |   Piccolo, give Kuririn the
      Bulma and Gohan notice the  |   1-star DB, and a power-up
      4-star DB on the radar, so  |   to Kuririn's full potential.
      Gohan goes to retrieve it.  |
                                  |   Vegeta steals Freeza's five
                                  |   Dragon Balls.
      Vegeta finds Kuririn and    |
      Bulma, with Zarbon following|   Vegeta kills Zarbon, and takes
                                  |   the 1-star DB from Kuririn.
      Gohan safely gets the 4-star|
      DB without Vegeta knowing.  |   Kuririn, Bulma, and Gohan finds
                                  |   another hiding place, then
      Goku trains with 100 G.     |   Kuririn takes Gohan to
                                  |   Saichourou.
      Vegeta senses Kuririn and   |
      Gohan's ki just as they     |
      reach Saichourou.           |   The Ginyuu Team arrives, forcing
                                  |   Kuririn and Gohan to work
                                  |   together with Vegeta.
      Ginyuu takes the Dragon     |
      Balls to Freeza, while the  |
      rest stays to fight.        |   Vegeta kills Gurudo.
      Rikuum nearly kills Vegeta, |
      Kuririn and Gohan.          |   Goku arrives on Namek.
      Goku gives Kuririn, Gohan,  |   Freeza couldn't get the Dragon
      and Vegeta each a senzu.    |   Balls to work so he tries to
                                  |   find out (he detects Saichourou
      Goku defeats Rikuum with    |   and Nails ki with the new
      one blow.                   |   Scouter); Ginyuu stays to guard
                                  |   the Dragon Balls.
      Goku defeats Baata, Jiisu   |
      flees.                      |   Vegeta kills the heavily
                                  |   injured Rikuum and Baata.
      Saichourou sends Dende to   |
      tell Kuririn how to summon  |   Ginyuu switches body with
      Namek's Shen Lon, and lets  |   Goku.
      Nail fight with Freeza to   |
      stall time.                 |   Vegeta kills Jiisu and defeats
                                  |   Ginyuu (in Goku's body).
      Ginyuu tries to switch with |
      Vegeta, but Goku gets in the|   Ginyuu tries to switch with 
      way; Goku returns to his    |   Vegeta again, but Goku tosses
      body.                       |   a Namek frog in the way.
                                  |   (Ginyuu trapped in a frog's
                                  |   body ;)
      Vegeta takes Goku to an old |
      healing tank (the new one   |
      was damaged by Vegeta).     |
                                  |   Kuririn heads for Saichourou
                                  |   to find out how to summon
                                  |   Shen Lon.
      Freeza heads back to his    |
      spaceship (to try and have  |
      the wish for himself).      |   Kuririn finds Dende, they head
                                  |   back to sneak the Dragon Balls
                                  |   away while Vegeta takes a nap.
      First two wishes are made:  |
      (1) Revive Piccolo, (2)     |
      Transport Piccolo to Namek. |   Vegeta realizes what's going on
                                  |   and tries to get the third wish.
      Saichourou dies before the  |   
      third wish is made; Freeza  |   Piccolo finds Nail while on his
      arrives.                    |   way to help Gohan, and merges
                                  |   with Nail.
      Vegeta and Freeza fights a  |
      bit, Freeza transforms.     |   Freeza nearly kills Kuririn.
      Kuririn is healed as Freeza |
      beats up Gohan; Kuririn     |   Dende heals Gohan's wounds.
      throws multiple Kienzans to |   Vegeta finds out of Dende's
      save Gohan.                 |   healing abilities.
      Piccolo arrives and begins  |
      to fight Freeza.            |   Piccolo takes off his heavy
                                  |   training garments.
      Freeza undergoes secong     |
      transformation.             |   Gohan slows down Freeza
                                  |   momentarily.
      Vegeta tries to convince    |
      Kuririn to hit him so that  |
      Vegeta will be close to     |   Freeza decides to undergo
      dead, since near-death      |   his final transformation.
      experiences upgrades a      |
      Saiyajin's power greatly.   |   Kuririn blasts Vegeta.
      Dende refuses to heal       |
      Vegeta, and goes to heal    |
      Piccolo.                    |   Freeza finds out about Dende's
                                  |   healing ability.
      Freeza finishes his final   |   Dende heals Vegeta.
      transformation.             |
                                  |   Freeza kills Dende.
      Vegeta admits total defeat  |
      by Freeza.                  |   Goku's healing process is
                                  |   complete.
      Goku arrives, and blocks    |
      Freeza's attacks.           |   Freeza kills Vegeta.
      Goku and Freeza fight.      |   Goku uses the Genki Dama
                                  |   against Freeza.
      Freeza emerges, seriously   |
      injures Piccolo, and kills  |
      Kuririn.                    |   Goku's hair changes blonde,
                                  |   and his eyes turn green.
                                  |   (Suupaa Saiyajin...!)
      Freeza tries to destroy the |
      planet; the core of the     |
      planet is destroyed, but    |
      planet itself will not blow |   Freeza charges himself to use
      up for another 5 minutes.   |   100% of his power.
      A wish is made to earth's   |
      Shen Lon (when Piccolo was  |
      revived, Kami-sama revived  |
      with him) to revive all     |
      those on Namek who died     |   Almost all the Namek people
      because of Freeza and his   |   were revived; Vegeta is,
      henchmen.                   |   and so is Saichourou.
      A wish is made to transport |
      all that's on Namek, with   |
      the exception of Goku and   |   Goku finishes Freeza with a
      Freeza, to earth.           |   Kamehameha.
      Goku finds a space capsule  |
      (the ones the Ginyuu team   |
      used) and escapes, landing  |   Planet Namek explodes.
      eventually from planet      |
      Yardrat.                    |
      Saichourou explains the     |
      situation to other Nameks,  |
      and passes on.              |   The remaining Namek people
                                  |   and Vegeta goes to live at 
                                  |   Capsule Corp. Headquarters
                                  |   (Bulma's home).
      (130 days later) Bulma and  |
      Dende makes wishes to the   |   
      Namek DB.                   |   Kuririn's soul is brought to
                                  |   earth, Kuririn is revived.
      Everyone finds out that     |
      Goku did not die.           |   Goku refused to be transported
                                  |   back through the Dragon Balls.
      Yamcha is revived.          |
                                  |   (130 days later) Chaozu and
      The Namek people, along with|   Tenshinhan are revived.
      their DB, are transported to|
      a new, suitable planet.     |
      (c. Year 761)---------------|
      Cell arrives from the       |
      future.                     |
                                  |---(c. Year 762)
      -==Cyborgs==-               |   Freeza (cyborged) and his father
                                  |   King Cold arrives on earth with
                                  |   a few henchmen.
      The whole gang (including   |
      Piccolo and Vegeta, while   |
      Goku hasn't returned yet)   |   A mysterious teenager appears,
      gather nearby Freeza's      |   turns into Super Saiyajin, and
      landing site to decide what |   kills Freeza's henchmen, Freeza,
      to do.                      |   and King Cold.
      Goku returns to earth in a  |
      small space capsule.        |   The teenager explains everything
                                  |   to Goku privately.  His name is
                                  |   Trunks, Vegeta's son from the 
                                  |   future.  The main point of his 
                                  |   message is of the disturbing
                                  |   appearance of 2 cyborgs, created
                                  |   by Dr. Gero, a remnant of the
                                  |   Red Ribbon Army, and medicine
      Goku finds out Bulma is     |   for a virual heart disease which
      Trunks' mother.             |   Goku would contract (and die of
                                  |   without the medicine).
      Trunks leaves for the       |
      future.                     |   Piccolo explains Trunks' main
                                  |   message to the others (he has
                                  |   good hearing).
      Goku demonstrates the       |
      Shukken Iddou (teleport)    |
      technique he learned from   |
      the Yardrat people.         |   Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo decide
                                  |   to train together.  Kuririn, 
                                  |   Yamcha and Vegeta will train on
                                  |   their own, and Tenshinhan will
      Vegeta asks Dr. Briefs      |   train with Chaozu.
      (Bulma's father) to build   |
      a 300 G training room.      |
      (c. Year 764)---------------|   Cell re-hatches from his egg.
      Bulma and Yamcha have a big |
      argument, and broke up.     |   Bulma got together with Vegeta
                                  |   for a short while, leading to
                                  |   the birth of Trunks.
      (c. Year 765)---------------|
      Trunks is born.             |   Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Kuririn,
                                  |   Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Bulma
                                  |   gather at the site Trunks said
      Yajirobe comes and give the |   to find the cyborgs.
      gang some senzu.            |
                                  |   Yajirobe's flying vehical gets
      Gohan goes to get Yajirobe  |   blown-up by the cyborgs.
      while the rest look for the |
      cyborgs.                    |   Yamcha almost gets killed by
                                  |   cyborg #20, but gets a senzu
      Goku and the rest move to a |   just in time.
      difference place to fight   |
      the cyborgs.                |   Goku's heart disease takes
                                  |   effect.
      Vegeta appears, and saves   |
      Goku.                       |   Yamcha takes Goku home for the
                                  |   medicine.
      Vegeta becomes Super Saiya- |
      jin and destroys cyborg #19,|
      but loses much ki in the    |   #20 flees.  Vegeta asks for a
      process.                    |   senzu.
      #20 hides among the rocks,  |
      and sucks much of Piccolo's |   Trunks arrives from the future. 
      ki.                         |
                                  |   Piccolo eats a senzu, and then
      Trunks senses Piccolo's ki  |   fights #20, taking off #20's
      and flies towards them.     |   right hand.
      Bulma forces Yajirobe to    |
      follow Trunks in her flying |   Trunks sees #20, and asks the
      vehical.                    |   gang who they're fighting with.
      The gang becomes confused,  |
      Bulma arrives.              |   #20 blows up Bulma's flying
                                  |   vehical and tries to escape.
      Trunks saves Bulma and his  |
      baby self.                  |   Bulma recognizes #20 as Dr.
                                  |   Gero.
      The gang tries to find Dr.  |
      Gero's lab.                 |   The gang learns of Trunks'
                                  |   identity.
      Gohan takes Bulma and Yaji- |
      robe home (they can't fly). |
      Dr. Gero activates #17 and  |
      #18.                        |   #17 kills Dr. Gero when #18
                                  |   tries to activate #16.
      Trunks blows up Dr. Gero's  |
      lab.                        |   Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, and
                                  |   Tenshinhan fight with #17 and
                                  |   #18.  They get creamed.
      #17 tells Kuririn he should |
      give the others senzu       |   Goku is given his medicine.
      quickly if he doesn't want  |
      them to die.  #18 gives     |
      Kuririn a goodbye-kiss.     |   Piccolo decides to re-merge
                                  |   with Kami-sama.
      #17, #18, and #16 takes a   |
      van to get to Goku's house, |
      but #18 wants to get new    |   Kuririn and Trunks arrive at
      clothes first.              |   Goku's house.  They wait for
                                  |   Gohan to get home, and then
                                  |   takes Goku to the Kame House.
      Kuririn calls Bulma, and    |
      Bulma tell them about broken|   Trunks, Gohan, and Bulma decide
      time-machine that was found.|   to go and check out the time-
                                  |   machine.
      Trunks, Gohan, and Bulma    |
      find Cell's egg in the time-|
      machine.                    |   Gohan finds Cell's empty shell.
      Kami-sama decides to re-    |   #18 gets new clothes (which she
      merge with Piccolo.         |   doesn't like.
      Cell consumes 15000 people. |   Piccolo and Kami-sama re-merges.
      Piccolo fights Cell, and    |
      finds out more about him.   |   Cell learns of Piccolo's re-
                                  |   merging with Kami-sama (and the
      #16 senses Cell and Picclo's|   fact that there are no longer
      ki (he is equipped with a   |   Dragon Balls because of this).
      power radar).               |
                                  |   Cell retreats to consume more
      Kuririn and Trunks goes to  |   people.
      Dr. Gero's underground lab  |
      to destroy it (and baby     |
      Cell), and finds #17's blue-|   Goku awakens, and takes Vegeta,
      prints.                     |   Trunks, and Gohan to the Room
                                  |   of Spirit and Time.
      Cell consumes #17.          |
                                  |   Vegeta and Trunks comes out of
                                  |   the Room of Spirit and Time.
      Vegeta defeats Cell, but    |
      lets him go so that Cell can|
      become Perfect Cell.        |   Cell consumes #18, becoming
                                  |   Perfect Cell.
      Cell defeats Vegeta; Trunks |
      powers up to fight Cell.    |   Cell defeats a powerful, but
                                  |   slow Trunks, and decides to
      Gohan successfully becomes  |   hold a tournament, which he
      Super Saiyajin.  Goku       |   calls the "Cell Game," to
      decides they should try to  |   commence 10 days later.
      stay in Super Saiyajin form |
      at all times as training.   |
      Kuririn takes #16 to Capsule|
      Corp. Headquarters for      |   Cell prepares the tournament
      repairs.                    |   stage, and makes an announcement
                                  |   on television.
      Goku and Gohan comes out of |
      the Room of Spirit and Time.|
                                  |   Piccolo enters the Room of
      Goku, Gohan, and Chichi go  |   Spirit and Time.
      on a picnic.                |
                                  |   An army attacks Cell, and gets
      Goku teleports to Namek to  |   wiped out.
      have someone revive the     |
      Dragon Balls (and be the new|   Goku brings back Dende, and
      Kami-sama).                 |   leaves Gohan with him (to play
                                  |   together).
      Introduction of Mr. Satan.  |
                                  |   Goku finds all seven Dragon
                                  |   Balls.
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