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Due to the size of the timeline, it has been divided into three sections for faster loading.

The Dragon Ball Timeline--this timeline only follows the events of the altered space-time continuum as shown to us in the manga and the anime, while the original and/or others may have been shown or mentioned, they are not shown in this one, and will be in the timeline covered in question B-16.

Many things happen before the series even started, which we find out about much later in the story (through the characters' dialogue, and sometimes flashbacks and specials). This timeline will list all known major events in chronological order, but is not to scale. The number of the years are estimates, and by no means accurate. The estimate comes the only instance when a year number was mentioned--When Trunks finds out what year in the future Cell comes from.

The timeline can be divided into the following sections:

Pre-Dragon Ball
Beginning of Series
The Red Ribbon Army
First Return of Pilaf
The 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai
Piccolo Daimaoh
The 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai
The Saiyajin/Freeza Storyline
The Artificial Humans
The Cell Game
The Great Saiyaman/Majin Archive
The Series Finale

     Pre-Dragon Ball:
     (Unknown date)---------------|
     A witch takes a Kaioushin's  |
     earring and puts it on--they |
     fuse into one person.        |
                                  |---(Unknown date)
                                  |   The same Kaioushin gets sealed
                                  |   in a sword by a villain.
      (Generations later)         |
      Bibidi creates Majin Buu----|
                                  |---(Unknown date)
      (Unknown date)--------------|   Majin Buu kills one of the Kai
      Majin Buu is sealed by      |   oushins, and absorbs two more.
      Bibidi, and Bibidi gets     |
      killed by the remaining     |
      Kaioushin.                  |
      (c. Year 100 something)-----|
      Weather problems occur      |
      on Planet Namek             |   Katattsu sends his son to
                                  |   earth promising to follow
                                  |   shortly.
      (c. Year 150)---------------|
      Katattsu's son gives up     |
      waiting, and explores the   |
      earth.                      |
      (c. Year 160-180)-----------|
      Piccolo Daimaoh is created. |   Katattsu's son finds earth's 
                                  |   Kami-sama, drives out his 
                                  |   evil self, and becomes the new 
      (c. Year 180-200)-----------|   Kami-sama.
      Kami-sama creates the       |
      Dragon Balls.               |
                                  |---(c. Year 200 something)
                                  |   Mutaito-sama seals Piccolo 
                                  |   Daimaoh in a rice cooker, 
                                  |   sacrificing his own life.
      (c. Year 300 something)-----|
      Kame-sennin climbs on top   |
      the Karin Tower.  Spends    |
      three years there.          |
      (c. Year 734)---------------|---(c. Year 734)
      Freeza attempts to destroy  |\  Kakarotto is sent from Planet
      planet Vegeta, though       | | Vegeta to destroy earth.
      Bardock & team tried to     | | Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz also
      stop him, their resistance  | | sent to different planets.
      was futile.                 | |
                                  | |-(c. Year 734)
                                  | | Son Gohan finds and adopts
                                  | | Goku.
                                  | |
                                  | `-(c. Year 734)
      (Unknown date)--------------|   Goku fell off a ravine, and
      Son Gohan gets stomped on   |   becomes a well behaved child
      by a giant were-monkey,     |   after coming to.
      killing him instantly.      |
      ==============The Dragon Ball series begins===================
      (c. Year 746)---------------|
      Goku meets Bulma, Woolong,  |   Kame-sennin gives Goku the 
      Yamcha & Pooaru, then stops |   Kinto Cloud, and Bulma the 3-
      Pilaf from becoming world   |   star DB.
      ruler.  Bulma gives Goku    |   
      the Dragon Radar so he can  |   Goku & the gang meets Gyuumaoh
      find Gohan's DB in a year.  |   and Chichi.  Goku promises to 
                                  |   marry Chichi (though he thought
      Goku goes off to train      |   marriage was some kind of food).
      under Kame-sennin.  Kuririn |
      and Lunch are introduced.   |
      (c. Year 747)---------------|
      21st Annual Tenkaichi       |-==THE RED RIBBON ARMY==-
      Budokai.  Jackie Chun wins. |   Goku goes off to find his
      (Moon got blown up when     |   grandfather's Dragon Ball.
      Goku turned into a were-    |
      monkey.)                    |
      Goku finds the 6-star DB,   |
      Colonel Silver blows up the |
      Kinto Cloud with a small    |   Goku rides to Muscle Tower on
      rocket.                     |   a Red Ribbon plane and crash-
                                  |   lands.
      Goku defeats Sergeant       |
      Metallic (robot).           |   Goku defeats Murasaki (the
                                  |   Ninja) and the Buyon Monster.
      Goku and Hacchan (Cyborg #8 |
      defeat General White.       |   #8 give Goku the 2-star DB,
                                  |   Goku gets Kinto Cloud back.
      Goku goes to the Western    |
      City to let Bulma fix the   |   Goku and Kuririn battle Gen.   
      Dragon Radar.               |   Blue in the pirates' cave.  
                                  |   Goku finds the 3-star DB 
                                  |   before the cave collapses.
      General Blue steals the     |
      Dragon Balls, and runs off  |
      (accidentally) crashing in  |
      Penguin Village (where the  |   Arale sends Gen Blue to Egypt,
      cast of "Dr. Slump" all     |   but he gets the Radar, so Turbo
      make cameo appearances).    |   (Senbe's son) builds Goku a new
                                  |   one.
      Goku arrives at the "Sacred |
      Karin Land" and saves Upa   |
      from Colonel Yellow.        |   RR Army hires assassin Tao 
                                  |   Paipai.
      Goku finds the 4-star DB,   |
      which Bora (Upa's father)   |   Gen. Blue returns to RRHQ with
      was holding.                |   the DB Radar, but is killed by
                                  |   Tao Paipai.
      Tao Paipai kills Bora and   |
      defeats Goku.               |   Goku climbs the Karin Tower.
      Goku gets trained by Sen-   |   Tao Paipai gets his new suit
      pyou, who lives at the top  |   tailored and kills the tailor.
      of Karin Tower.             |
                                  |   Tao Paipai is killed by Goku.
      Colonel Violet finds the    |
      5-star DB.                  |   Bulma, Lunch, and Kamesennin
                                  |   finds Goku headed for RRHQ.
      Goku infiltrates RR Army's  |
      HQ.                         |   Bulma brings Yamcha up to 
                                  |   speed; they try to save Goku.
      Adjutant Black shoots Com-  |
      mander Red and assumes his  |   Goku kills "Commander" Black.
      position.                   |
      -==Pilaf's Return==-        |
      Goku & the gang return to   |
      the Kame House, where Bulma |   Kamesennin suggests asking
      tries to fix the DB Radar,  |   Uranai Obaba (fortune teller) 
      but the last DB wouldn't    |   for location of final DB.
      appear on the radar.        |
                                  |   Yamcha gets Goku new clothes,
      Goku & the gang fights      |   while Goku picks up Upa.
      against Uranai Obaba's      |
      fighters.                   |   Goku defeats final fighter,
                                  |   Son Gohan in disguise, who 
      Goku gets the 1-star DB     |   gets a special day back from 
      Pilaf & gang.  Bora gets    |   the other world.
      resurrected.                |
                                  |---(c. Year 750)
      -==22nd Tenkaichi Budokai==-|   Kamesennin's arch-rival, Tsuru
                                  |   sennin, and his disciples, Ten
      Tsurusennin is found out to |   shinhan and Chaozu introduced.
      be Tao Paipai's older       |
      brother.                    |   Tenshinhan & Chaozu turns 
                                  |   against Tsurusennin's 
      Tenshinhan wins the Budokai.|   teachings.
      Pilaf frees Piccolo.        |
                                  |-==PICCOLO DAIMAOH==-
      Kuririn gets killed.        |
                                  |   Goku knocked down, Kinto Cloud
      Goku meets Yajirobe.        |   destroyed.
      Yajirobe & Goku defeat      |   Piccolo defeats Goku.
      Piccolo's henchmen.         |
                                  |   Kamesennin & Chaozu die.
      Piccolo regains his youth,  |
      and kills Shen Lon.         |   Yajirobe carries Goku up the 
                                  |   Karin Tower.
      Piccolo goes to the palace  |
      and becomes the new world   |   Goku gets healed eating senzu,
      ruler.                      |   then drinks the "Super God-
                                  |   Water"
      Tenshinhan practices the    |
      Mafuuha (Demon Seal Wave).  |   Piccolo announces world 
                                  |   domination on public TV.
      Goku awakens with new       |
      power.                      |   Tenshinhan arrives at the
                                  |   palace to fight Piccolo, who
                                  |   creates Drum to fight Ten.
      Goku saves Tenshinhan and   |
      kills Drum.                 |   Yamcha, Bulma, and Lunch fly
                                  |   towards the palace, while Woo-
                                  |   long and Pooaru look for Kame-
                                  |   sennin and Chaozu's corpses.
      Goku kills Piccolo, but     |
      Piccolo spits out his son   |
      before he dies.             |
                                  |   Goku meets and trains under
                                  |   Kami-sama and Mr. Popo.
      Kami-sama restores Shen     |
      Long.                       |   Shen Lon revives all those
                                  |   killed by Piccolo & his hench-
                                  |   men.
      Kami-sama takes off Goku's  |
      tail (permanently) to       |
      restore the moon.           |
      (c. Year 753)---------------|
      -==23rd Tenkaichi Dudokai==-|
      Goku shows up in teen/adult |
      form.                       |   Piccolo's son (also named
                                  |   Piccolo) enters the tournament
      Grown-up Chichi appears     |   under alias "Ma Junior."
      before Goku (no one recog-  |
      nized her).                 |   Chaozu defeated by a cyborged
                                  |   Tao Paipai in the pre-lims.
      Yajirobe (in disguise) is   |
      defeated by Shen (Kami-sama |
      in disguise) in the final   |
      pre-lim.                    |
                                  |   --Quarter-Final Outcome--
                                  |   Tenshinhan defeats Tao Paipai.
                                  |   Goku defeats Chichi.
      Goku & Chichi gets engaged  |   "Ma Jr" defeats Kuririn.
      (officially).               |   "Shen" defeats Yamcha.
      --Semi-Final Outcome--      |
      Goku defeats Tenshinhan.    |   --Budokai Final Outcome--
      "Ma Jr" defeats "Shen."     |   Goku defeats "Ma Jr."
      Yajirobe gives Goku a senzu.|
      Goku is healed.             |   Goku gives one more senzu to
                                  |   Piccolo.  Piccolo retreats.
      Kami-sama offers Goku to be |
      his successor; Goku refuses,|
      and flies off with Chichi.  |
                                  |   Lunch leaves the Kame House
                                  |   with Tenshinhan and Chaozu.
                                  |-==End of DB anime series==-        
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