The original Piccolo Daimaoh comes from the Namekseijin who wanted to become earth's Kami-sama. To be eligible as earth's Kami-sama, he had to be pure goodness, so he cast the small evil part of himself out, which became Piccolo Daimaoh. "Piccolo" in Namekgo means "separate worlds." For this form, we can refer to him as "Piccolo Daimaoh."

After Goku defeated the original Piccolo Daimaoh, Piccolo summoned up his final strength and spat out an egg.. an egg which soon hatched a minuature version of himself, with all his memories, thoughts, knowledge, personality, and physical likeness. This, the son of Piccolo, was essentially Piccolo himself, but in his mind he knew he was not the same person as the original Piccolo, and after fighting with Goku, his personality has been affected by Goku as well. This form can be called Piccolo Jr. or Ma Jr., or simply, Piccolo.

After sacrificing his own life for Gohan's life, Piccolo was resurrected and placed on his home planet, where he meets a dying Namek warrior, Nail. Nail is surprised at the level of power Piccolo has reached, but knows that even at that level, he is no match for the powerful Freeza, so he offers to be merged with Piccolo. Piccolo reluctantly agrees; although Nail promised to let Piccolo have total control over the body's personality, inevitably Nail's personality still has a strong influence on Piccolo's decisions. For references' sake, if you need to state the specific stage Piccolo is in, you can call this form "Picconailo," but he is still, for the most part, Piccolo, and will go by that name.

During his fight against the cyborgs, Piccolo realized that he will not be able to defeat the cyborgs by training alone, and the only real way to be close in terms of power is to re-merge with Kami-sama, and in doing so, he has gained the wisdom and knowledge of Kami-sama, as well as some of the personality aspects of Kami-sama. Again, for reference, you may call this form "Kamiconailo" or even "Kamicolo," but he is still essentially Piccolo, as still goes by that name.

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