After Kami-sama re-merged with Piccolo, ShenLon became no more and the Dragon Balls turned into stone. To revive the Dragon Balls, Goku invited Dende from Namek to be the new Kami-sama. Dende was able to revise the rules and restrictions of ShenLon's power in the revival process.

  1. Must gather all seven Dragon Balls.
  2. Chant required (Come out, Shen Lon, and grant my wish!).
  3. Only two wishes per summoning of Shen Lon.
  4. After the wishes are made, Shen Lon will disappear, the Dragon Balls will turn to stone and scatter themselves; they will remain stone for one year.
  5. 4.a) If only one wish is made during the summon and the Dragon Balls turn to stone, they will remain stone for four months, and then Shen Lon may be summoned again.
  6. The Shen Lon cannot grant any wishes that are beyond the powers of the creator of the Dragon Balls.
  7. You can revive anyone or any group of people who fit a certain criteria, if they did not die of natural causes.
  8. If a person has been revived by Shen Lon before, the person cannot be revived again.
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