What? Leaving already? Oh well. I used to just give people a list from the FAQ, and be done with it, but since it has been a long time since I updated the FAQ, the list has become quite outdated.. I will try to update the FAQ soon, but before then, here are some really good places to go if you're looking for other DB/DBZ sites:

[Commercial Pages] [Link Archives] [Web Rings] [Search Engines]

Commercial Pages

  • Dragonball Z Specialty Store

    Well, this is it. If you're looking to find DB/DBZ merchandise from the net, you should probably go here first.

  • FUNimation Productions, Inc.

    FUNimation is the company responsible for dubbing the English versions of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z (so if you have any complaints, e-mail them! >:) J/K)

  • J-Pop

    A Web-zine created by Viz, publisher of the English version of the Dragon Ball manga.

  • The Official Dragon Ball Z Site

    Funimation's Dragon Ball Z site.

  • Toei Animation (Japanese)

    In Japan, DB/DBZ anime is published by Toei, as is the followup series, Dragon Ball GT. There's some information there, though you need to be able to read Japanese (Shift-JIS format).

  • Pioneer Anime

    P-Anime is the official distributor of the US version of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z videos, so you can check with them for some information

  • Reel.com

    The online video store affiliated with this site. The above link will automatically conduct a search for you and obtain a list of all Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z related videos available from Reel.

  • Viz Communications, Inc.

    Translation & distribution for the English version of "Dragon Ball" manga is being handled by Viz. Visit their web page for more information.

  • Link Archives

  • Wuken's Dragonball Links!

    Possibly the best place you can go to find other Dragon Ball related sites. Wuken has quite an extensive list of links, and not only that, he reviews the pages on his list, and updates his links often. Aside from links, Wuken has plenty of other good things for a DB/DBZ fan, so be sure to check out his main page!

  • Dragon Ball Z Headquarters

    Aside from being one of the best general sites for Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z HQ only contains the crème de la crème of Dragon Ball sites in the link section, to help you avoid the badly done sites.

  • AniPike's List of Dragon Ball pages

    Anime Web Turnpike is fast becoming the "Yahoo of Anime Sites," with a large archive of anime/manga related links, and a very organized and eye-pleasing layout, you can navigate through this site easily, and most DBZ page authors know to advertise their page here.

  • Anime and Manga Resources List for Series-Specific Pages

    The premiere Anime/Manga Links Archive, it has plenty of links. Unfortunately, it is not as organized as it used to be, so traversing through here may be a bit difficult. Still a fairly good source, however.

  • List of Dragon Ball sites from the FAQ

    Very outdated, but still worth a look ^^;

  • Web Rings

  • DBZ GT Top 100 Sites

    Not really a web ring, but similar in concept--Lists affiliated sites in order of "hits" tracked by the number of clickthrus to the main site (i.e. not entirely accurate). At time of adding link, also doesn't live up to the name of 100 sites, due to lack of member-base. It is unknown if/when the site can actually live up to its title.

  • Dragon Ball Z Ring Homepage List

    I think this is the first of the Dragon Ball Web Rings. It certainly is the largests of the DB/DBZ related rings.

  • DragonBall Legends WebRing List

    Consider the WebRing code, this may be the first DBZ related Web Ring, but I can't say for sure. There are several sites in this ring, so it should be worth checking out.

  • Dragon Ball Ring Homepage List

    A fairly new Dragon Ball Ring, but apparently growing in popularity.

  • Videl's DragonBall Ring WebPage List

    Another new ring. This one seems to need much work. Be warned.

  • Search Engines

  • AltaVista's List of Dragon Ball Pages
  • Excite's List of Dragon Ball Pages
  • HotBot's List of Dragon Ball Pages
  • InfoSeek's List of Dragon Ball Pages
  • Lycos' List of Dragon Ball Pages
  • WebCrawler's List of Dragon Ball Pages
  • Yahoo's List of Dragon Ball Pages

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