A preliminary version with just a list of questions (12/11/95).


Still preliminary, answered a few questions, changed the format of the Index and added a rather crude ASCII art (12/18/95).


Re-formatted the margins to fit the posting limits set by Netcom, modifications and additions are coming along slowly because my right hand is still recovering from injury (12/25/95).


Added DB/DBZ games list. Modifications to the events timeline. Checked spelling with Microsoft Word. Added the DBZ Family Tree, the DBZ Name Puns, and some CD Information (1/1/96).


Modifications to the timeline, and answered a few more questions (1/8/96).


The modification symbols for the Mokuji has taken effect, modified sections A-2, A-11, and B-01 (1/15/96).


Continuing updates to the timeline (1/22/96)...


Finished updating the timeline. Now beginning to answer the shorter questions (1/29/96).


Modified margins again. Minor trimmings of some questions on the suggestion of Gautama Buddha, and answered a few more questions (2/05/96).


Answering more questions, though not in order.. (2/19/96)


Actually answered much less than what would make a 0.05 upgrade to the version number, but there aren't that many more unanswered questions (3/04/96).


Looking over the Mokuji, it seems that almost all major questions have been answered, so with the semi-long section of the Time-travel Timeline completed, this FAQ got a signifigant version jump (3/18/96).


Finally!! Version 1.00!! Actually, there are still a few questions that are not answered yet, but I'm expecting some submissions for the answers soon (4/01/96).


Answered a few more questions, and now the FAQ is available at my own web site. Most majorly, the "Dragonball Z CD Listing" was integrated into the FAQ, and more internet sites were added; a few more questions will be added in the next version (5/06/96).


Updated WWW section (some time ago) and the newsgroup section to reflect the various new divisions (and that was quite some time ago, so you know how long it's been ^^;). Answered the question regarding tournament results, and slightly modified the credits section (7/27/97).


Provided the answer to the question of how many episodes are in the anime series, incorporated Curtis Hoffmann's list of movies into the FAQ instead of just providing a dead link, and added info about fusion techniques (10/13/97).
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