Here's a list of nice people who have, in one way or another, helped in the creation of the FAQ. You should NOT be e-mailng them about trading anime just because their names are listed here.. That's what rec.arts.anime.marketplace is for.

Many of the contributors have their own web pages, if you would like to send them e-mail, it is recommended that you first check out their web pages first.

(In alphabetical order by e-mail address, remove "NOSPAM." from the address)
<andpauli@NOSPAM.earth.execpc.com> Andrea Paulinski
<arromdee@NOSPAM.blaze.cs.jhu.edu> Ken Arromdee
<button@NOSPAM.leland.stanford.edu> Rika Takahashi
<carlosg@NOSPAM.abst.ed> Carles Garcia
<chris_mallett85@NOSPAM.hotmail.com> Chris Mallett
<csc105@NOSPAM.cent1.lancs.ac.uk> Terry Bogard
<ez045170@NOSPAM.renoir.ucdavis.edu> Matt Collins
<gogeta@NOSPAM.snark.wizard.com> Brian @NOSPAM. The Kame House (Anime Crisis)
<choffman@NOSPAM.austin.rr.com> Curtis Hoffman
<jpmorin@NOSPAM.ulix.net> Jean-Philippe "Albator" Morin
<kulilin@NOSPAM.citynet.net> Adam Marshall
<mateo@NOSPAM.execpc.com> Matt Sommer
<nickm@NOSPAM.eden.com> Nick
<sabesami@NOSPAM.ucla.edu> WuKeN
<sbb3@NOSPAM.po.cwru.edu> Ryoohki
<sdesk@NOSPAM.dragon.achilles.net> Katrina Spencer
<seawasp@NOSPAM.wizvax.com> Sea Wasp
<sls4491@NOSPAM.u.cc.utah.edu> Steven Simmons
<sukebe@NOSPAM.netcom.com> Gautama Buddha
<whuang@NOSPAM.cco.caltech.edu> Wei-Hwa Huang
<wskan@NOSPAM.Oakland.edu> Fran Kan
<zchah12@NOSPAM.ucl.ac.uk> Alex Chen

And all the ppl. who's ever talked about DB/DBZ on alt.manga, rec.arts.anime, and/or rec.arts.manga.

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