In Japanese, "Yasai" means "vegetables."

In the manga and anime, however, the characters are somehow oblivious to that fact, and "Saiya" is just a name, without any real meanings, aside from the fact that the "Saiyajin" ("jin" means "person" or "people"; "Saiyajin" can also be referred to as "Saiyan," which is the "Englishlized" version) is a warrior race, and because they are a warrior race, they stay much longer in their prime years, and that when they receive the reflected light from a full moon, it interacts with their tail (if they have their tails), allowing them to transform into giant were-monkeys. Another interesting fact is that a pure Saiyajin's hair stays at a fixed length (and style) since birth. There is also the legend of a "Super Saiyajin"...

Another note about Saiya is that it is NOT the name of the planet Saiyajins come from. Saiya is the name of the race, and presumably the region of land the Saiyajin originally inhabited on Planet Vegeta. Just like the fact that I'm a Chinese, but I am not from a planet called China.

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