From Rika Takahashi's DBZ Name Puns (slightly modified):

Bulma's family
Briefs \__ self-explanatory
Trunks /
Bulma = Bloomers
(there is a motif of "undergarments"...)

The Saiyajin
Saiyajin -> Yasaijin = Vegetable people
Kakarotto (Gokou) = (Ka)Carrot
Raditz = radish
Vegita -> Vegeta = Vegeta[ble] (hense the name of royalty of veggie people)
Nappa = type of cabbage
Bardack -> ??? 
Celipa -> paceli = parseley
Toma = toma[to]
 -- what were the names of the other henchmen of Barcack? --
Paragas = [as]paragas
Broli = bro[cco]li
(yes, all the names are "vegetables".  It's another motif!)

Pilaf's troupe
Pilaf = fried rice
Shu \__ add them to get shumai, a Chimese dumpling-like
Mai /   finger food

Red Ribbon Army
Silver, White, Metallic, Murasaki (Purple), Blue, Yellow, Taopaipai (well, he wasn't exactly in the army--he was hired--but his name is spelled peach-white-white!), Brown, Violet (funny... Blue said to Bulma something like, "We don't need [or was it want?] women in the Red Ribbon Army"...), Copper (appears only by name in the manga), Black, and Red.
(there was a "color" motif...)

The Nammekku planet's inhabitants and vegetation
Nammekku -> nameku = nameku[ji] = slug
Katattsu -> katatsu = katatsu[muri] = snail
Dende = dende[nmushi] =snail (slang)
Cargo = [es]cargo
Nail = [s]nail
Ajissa (tree) -> ajisa = ajisa[i] = hydeangea (or however you spell that thing)
(note that the motif was "slugs & snails"...)

Anyone for dim sum?
Yamcha = dim sum (it's called yamcha in different places)
Oolong \__ two types of Chinese tea
Pooalu /
Chaozu -> Gyouza (read the kanji differently) = pot stickers
Tenshinhan -> Tensienhan = Tenshien rice
Gohan = rice or meal
The Ginyu Tokusentai
Ginyu -> gyunyu = milk
Rikum -> kurim = cream
Gurudo -> guruto = [yo]guruto -> yogurt
Baata -> bataa = butter
Jiisu -> chiisu = cheese
("dairy products"...)

While we are on the subject of food...
Karin-tou (karin tower) -> karinto = crunchy, cookie-like snack food
Lunch = self-explanatory
Zarbon = Zabon (an exotic fruit.  No.  Really!)
Dodoria = Dorian? (there is a really exotic fruit with a name like that...)
Kuririn = Chestnut
Marron = French for "chestnut"

Freeza's family -- a self-explanatory bunch of aliens?
Freeza = freezer
Cold = COLD! (what did you think it would be?)
Coola = ku-u-ra = eating (Japanese dialect)
(also can be interpreted as "cooler")

The guys at Uranai-Baba's castle
Uranai-baba = fortune teller (self-explanatory if you know Japanese)
Miira-kun = mummy (also self-explanatory if you know Japanese)
Dracula-man = self-expalanatory.
Suke-san = "invisible" man (there is no direct translation, but
  transparent, in Japanese slang, is "suke-suke".)
Akkuman = akuman = akuma(n) = devil

Piccolo and gang -- also self-explanatory
Tambarin = tambourine
(motif is "musical instruments")

Miscellaneous characters
Cell = self-explanatory (if you don't get it.. he's made up from the
  CELLS of all the Z warriors!)
Mr. Satan = also self-explanatory
Videl = devil (of course Satan's daughter would be the DEVIL!)
Shapner = sharpener
Iresa = eraser
(Videl's schoolmates have "stationery" motif)
Bacterian = bacteria(n)
Nam = nam[uamidabutsu] (Buddist? prayer -- I know it's something religious)
Yajirobe -> yajirobee = little balance-toy in Japan
To Ninjinka (The boss of the Usagi gang) = rabbit morph-to-carrot
  (remember that this guy can turn you into a carrot by touching you.)
Chichi = father, boobs (slang)  (well, I think this was for Kamesennin's
  "So, Gyumaou's daughter's boobs are Chichi's chichi..." comment...)
Buyon (the monster in the 5th floor of White's building) =
  blubber (Japanese slang for "blubbery" is "buyo-buyo")
The magicians Bibity and Babity and their creation Buu =
  say the three names in a row, and you got "Bibbity Bobboty Boo"
  -- remember Cinderella by Disney?)
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