First, an explaination of the name "Tenkaichi Budoukai."

"Tenkaichi Budoukai" is written completely in kanji; if we separate the romaji according to each kanji, it would look like this:

"Ten Ka Ichi Bu Dou Kai"

For those with even rudimentry Japanese, you should be able to recognize that "Ichi" means "one." Here's a word-by-word translation:

Ten - Sky, Heaven
Ka - Beneath, under
Ichi - [Number] One
Bu - Martial Arts, fighting technique
Dou - Way of
Kai - Meeting

"Tenka" (Under heaven) is used to refer to "the world," as everything in this world is beneath the skies / under heaven.

"Budou" means martial arts, or "the way (art) of fighting."

Putting the rest together, a fairly concise translation of "Tenkaichi Budoukai" would be "The World's Best Martial Artist Tournament."

Results of the first three Tenkaichi Budoukai's that appeared in the manga/anime can also be in section B-02.

The 21nd Tenkaichi Budoukai:

Champion: Jackie Chung (Kamesennin)
Runner-up: Son Gokuu

The 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai:

Champion: Tenshinhan
Runner-up: Son Gokuu

The 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai:

Champion: Son Gokuu
Runner-up: Ma Junior (Piccolo)

The Cell Game:

Champion: Son Gohan

The 24th Tenkaichi Budoukai:

Champion: Mr. Satan

The 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai:

Adult Division Champion: Mr. Satan
Adult Division Runner-up: No. 18
Children Division Champion: Chibi Trunks
Children Division Runner-up: Son Goten

In all the tournaments to follow, Mr. Satan is the champion, while Mr. Buu is the runner-up.. Basically Mr. Satan cheats in letting Mr. Buu fight with everyone else first, and then to throw the match to Mr. Satan.

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