SON GOKUU -- The Legendary Super Saiyajin

[Image: Gokuu riding on a dragon]

Kanji name: 孫 悟空
Hiragana: そんごくう

Saiyajin name: Kakarotto (カカロット)

The hero of our story. Throughout the entire series, Gokuu's distinctive traits that made him such a popular hero remained the same. He has a good and pure heart, without being overly sweet that he gives you a toothache; he is nave and innocent, but not stupid. Somewhat similar, perhaps, to why so many people like Forrest Gump.

Originally sent to earth as a baby on a mission.. to destroy the living inhabitants of earth so the planet can be sold to other races across the galaxy, Kakaroto fell off a ravine and lost his memory, becoming the nice boy that we know of today.

If I try to give you a summary of the things Gokuu has been through, I might as well give you a summary of the entire series of Dragon Ball, and since I have already tried to do something similar to that elsewhere, I'm just going to try and stick to telling you what Gokuu is like instead.

Always carefree, and someone that others can naturally count on. This pretty much sums up what I think of Son Gokuu.

In doing things, Gokuu never seems to mind what others might think of his actions, as long as he knows that there is no harm in what he is doing. Some may call this cluelessness, and though it might be true in certain cases, nevertheless, Gokuu has taken on a carefree look at the all things, something the stressed out people of the world need to learn to do.

[Image: Son Gokuu]

While in tense situations, when it seems all hope are lost, Gokuu almost always has a way of letting others feel the age-old proverb of "where there's a will, there's a way." One of Gokuu's greatest strengths (which can also be considered his greatest weakness) is his ability to trust in the innate goodness of all living beings. In this way, he has turned many of his enemies into friends. A problem with this, however, is that this same quality makes Gokuu seem rather gullible. Though make no mistake--Gokuu is nobody's fool. In time, Gokuu has learned to be not so gullible, yet still retain his trust for the goodness of even his enemies.. At times he is able to bring out this goodness in them, and others, not... but Gokuu tries. So it is no wonder that Son Gokuu is leading the popularity polls among Dragon Ball fans, and will, more likely than not, continue to do so.

Son Gokuu's Family

Adoptive Grandfather: Son Gohan
Father: Bardock
Father-in-Law: Gyuumaou
Brother: Raditz
Wife: Chichi
Sons: Son Gohan
Son Goten
Daughter-in-Law: Videl
Grand-daughter: Pan

[Image: Gokuu riding on Kintoun]

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