SON GOHAN -- The Reluctant Hero

[Image: Montage of Gohan growing up]
Gohan had to take on some heavy responsibilities since early childhood.

Kanji Name: 孫悟飯

Hiragana Name: そんごはん

Aliases: The Golden[-Haired] Warrior (金色の戦士), Great Saiyaman (グレート サイヤマン)

Sometimes it is difficult to tell just what exactly Gohan wants; this may be due to his heritage of being half-Saiyajin and half-Chikyuujin. Shortly after we were introduced to him, we learned that, like his father, he had a great fighter's potential, yet his dream is to become a great scholar. Many have often thought that perhaps this was not his true dream, but the dream he thinks he has, due to Chichi's strong influence.

For now, that is unimportant, but what we do know is this: After his uncle, Raditz, arrived on earth, there was a long period of time where he was kept from his dream, yet this period of time helped him to grow and mature the most.

[Image: Gokuu holding young Gohan]
Gohan was very attached to Gokuu.

What happened? First, Piccolo took him away from his family, and taught him to survive on his own. After his first real battle against Nappa and Vegeta, Gohan, a mere five-year-old boy, had enough courage and power to stand up to opponents many times his size, for the purposes of protecting the weak.

Although the warrior blood of Saiyajins flows in his body, Gohan did not enjoy fighting. And while the mix of Saiyajin and human blood seems to have given him a greater power potential, it has also given him a meeker, less violent personality. What Gohan really seems to enjoy is to spend time with the people he loves and respects; his family and friends.

However, when Gohan becomes enraged, his Saiyajin nature kicks in; he becomes uncontrollable, like the way we see him during the Cell Game. It is interesting to note that the things that make Gohan angry are not really things that others have done to him, but rather the injustice that he sees around him.

Such injustices are what keeps him fighting, even creating his alter egos of "The Golden-Haired Warrior" and "Great Saiyaman." Another cause for the creation of his alter egos is his childhood fighting experience...

[Image: Gohan and Gokuu performing a Kamehameha]

Gohan started his training with Piccolo at the age of 4, and fought some deadly battles at 5... At the age of 11, about the same age as Gokuu when he was first introduced, he bore the heavy responsibility of protecting the earth against Cell (while Gokuu was roaming around without a care in the world at that age). Luckily, with the return of his father, Gohan can go back to living a relatively normal life, and since he doesn't really enjoy fighting, perhaps it was as much his own will, as it was his mother's, for him to become a great scholar, which he was able to achieve.

[Image: Gohan in Great Saiyaman clothes]

Son Gohan's Family

Great-Grandfather: Son Gohan
Grandfathers: Bardock
Father: Son Gokuu
Mother: Chichi
Father-in-Law: Mr. Satan
Uncle: Raditz
Brother: Son Goten
Wife: Videl
Daughter: Pan

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