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10th Place
"I am such a genius!!"
Total Points: 1,792
Percentage: 2.50%

9th Place
Son Goten
"I've learned something, too! Watch this--Kame..kame.. ha!"
Total Points: 2,343
Percentage: 3.27%

8th Place
Chibi Trunks
"Just like this.. is too difficult.. If I turn into Super Saiyajin.."
Total Points: 2,356
Percentage: 3.29%

7th Place
"I still have one trump card left!"
Total Points: 2,966
Percentage: 4.14%

6th Place
"Well, what do you think? Your enemy is the strongest coffee candy in the universe!"
Total Points: 2,983
Percentage: 4.16%

5th Place
"Now, I am neither Kami nor Piccolo Daimaou; I'm merely a Namekseijin who forgot his name."
Total Points: 4,339
Percentage: 6.06%

4th Place
Son Gohan
"Stop this fighting.. Unlike my father, I don't enjoy fighting.."
Total Points: 7,015
Percentage: 9.79%

3rd Place
Son Gokuu
"I don't really get it, but sounds like fun..!"
Total Points: 8,391
Percentage: 11.71%

2nd Place
Future Trunks
"When fighting, one must use one's full force. Unlike Son Gokuu, I will show no mercy."
Total Points: 9,335
Percentage: 13.03%

1st Place
"I am pure... pure evil!"
Total Points: 11,786
Percentage: 16.45%

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