Nickname: Juraiprince
Real Name: Abel Rojas
Position: New member
Birthdate: Jan. 23, 1983
Other Homepage(s): Ryooki's neat page!
Favorite Anime: Tenchi Muyo!
Favorite Male Character: Kagato
Favorite Female Character: Achika
Favorite Tenchi Character: Kagato
Favorite Washuu Quote: "There is only one thing in the entire universe that stands between you and oblivion...the greatest most brilliant mind in the're looking at her!!" Tenchi Muyo! in Love.
Why I like Washuu-chan: Washu is vastly intelligent, and one of the main characteristics I like the most. The thing I like the most about Washu is her demented little laugh.
Other Tid-bits: My other favorite character is Kagato. I love his voice. It is absolutely incredible. Another thing I like about TM is the Japanese version of the Tenchi TV opening theme. I like it so much that I memorized it, and I am HISPANIC!
Personal Info: My name is Abel. I am 14, and enjoy anime as one of my hobbies. I enjoy playing Basketball and volleyball. My favorite anime series is Tenchi Muyo.

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