Nickname: Achan
Real Name: Andrea Paulinski
E-Mail Addresses: paulia63@uwosh.edu (school) / andpauli@execpc.com (home)
Position: Founder of Washuu's Academy of Science and Higher Understanding.
Birthdate: Oct. 29, 1978
Other Homepage(s): Achan's Shin Web Page Medley
Favorite Anime: Tenchi/Slayers (tie)
Favorite Manga: Dr. Slump Aralechan
Favorite Male Character: Himura Kenshin/Lamune (all three =)~)/Da Cider
Favorite Female Character: Norimaki Arale
Favorite Tenchi Character: Washuuchan (of course ^^;)
Favorite Washuu Quote: For some reason, it has become... "I'm an angel of mercy, Tenchi. hehehehehe..."
Why I like Washuu-chan: Need there be a reason? ^_-
"You can't take no for an answer.." - one of the Muppet movies
Other Tid-bits: I have come to the conclusion that anime, manga, and other various entertainments have taken over my life ^_^;; Taskete kudasai.
I love the comedy genre, which is why I have so many favorites.
Personal Info: I created #WASHU# because of the lack of appreciation for her character around the Net. Now I am glad to say we've gotten big ^_^ .. and now I'm a college student who should figure out how to study and take time for Washuuchan. Ahh.. the pains ^^;

[Image: Washuu with flowers]

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